anlage: primordial potential

animus : courage, vivacity, bravery, will, spirit, soul; character, intellect, memory, consciousness, often mind.                                                                 



Welcome fellow incarnations of Divine Source!

Thank you for taking the time to perceive my website! Here you will find my main gallery, recent writing of mine, and bilingual spiritual/personal/philosophical resources I take the pleasure in sharing as I walk my own path of divine empowerment.

My name is Ana. Anita. Loquita. Lechera Chifladita.

I would describe my style as psychedelic, conceptual, spiritual, philosophical, colorful, detailed. My path in this life has very clearly to do with the conflict between wanting to be seen and not wanting to be seen, and coming into my own presence and worthiness of expression.

I am a deep thinker, an intense empath, a lover of nature and animals. My greatest artistic heroes would be Frida Khalo, Salvador Dali, and Alex Grey. I believe that the world is nothing but a projection of our minds, that is to say, our mind is the interface between the metaphysical and the physical. In healing ourselves, we heal he world. In loving ourselves, we heal the world. For me, that journey takes most fertile shape through painting. I can choose what I think about, what I see and what I look for. I can choose what I project, and what I reflect.

As I continue to explore the hidden dimensions within and without me, painting takes me out of my head, and into my hands and heart. As I begin to understand what it truly means to co-create this life, art is my practice, my metaphor. I will use my mind, hands and heart as the medium to create anything I desire to see, on the canvas that is my life.

Doing art is what makes me feel more fulfilled and proud than anything else, though I am still learning to enjoy my often excruciatingly slow and deliberate process. My style is very detailed and involved, and my perfectionism, while a blessing, is a tool I’m still learning to use without hurting myself

My mission is to embody the decision to be seen, to be empowered, to be beautiful. To pierce through as many layers of the veil as possible, and become a conscious co-creator. Through my art, I hope to inspire others to go within, love their own heart, begin to question reality, and dare to dream new ones into existence.

Would you like to commission artwork such as original murals, business logos/designs, album art, tattoo designs, or custom-painted boots, hats, instruments, and more?!?

To collaborate on a custom order, please email me at

To purchase my art printed on hats, pillows, tote bags and more, check out my page on Fine Art America:

Instagram: anlage.animus